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A Pictorial  journey to the original Clan Gregor Country

  By the beginning of the 16th century, there were five main  MacGregor geographical districts, in valleys (Glens):  Glen Dochart, Glen Orchy, Glen Lyon, Glen Strae, and Glen Gyle.  There were also adjacent areas where the Gregor clan was prevalent.


A closer look at MacGregor Territory


Loch Awe, site of Kilchurn Castle, the largest built by the MacGregors

Scottish Highland Cattle
    Highland Cattle taking a dip in Loch Lomond        

Ben Nevis, the 'roof' of Britain

          Ben Nevis

Loch Katrine, birthplace of Rob Roy Loch Katrine, Rob Roy was born in 1671 at the head of Loch Katrine.

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        House at Glen Gyle.

Rob Roy was born in 1671 in an earlier house which was nearby.  He arranged for the building of Glengyle House, between 1704 and 1708, for his nephew Gregor 'glun dubh' MacGregor of Glengyle.




Loch Katrine

Another view of Loch Katrine, deep in the heart of MacGregor Country

The Breas of Balquhidder

The Braes of Balquhidder, the major area of MacGregor settlement


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Glen Lyon

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  Loch Rannoch


The beautiful Trossach region, where Rob Roy's guerrilla's harrassed English troops during the first Jacobite rebellion.
The Trossachs in the Southern fringe of MacGregor country.  Rob Roy hid in wild places like this and exacted his revenge on the Duke of Montrose by intercepting the Duke's collectors and driving off his cattle.   The only fort in the region, Inversnaid, was established to subdue the Clan Gregor.  It was captured and destroyed by Rob Roy's son, James Mhor MacGregor, during the '45 uprising.

Lanrick Castle, hauntingly beautiful and decrepid
Lanrick Castle, known also as "MacGregor House"served as the seat of the Clan Gregor until 1830.  It was illegally demolished by a real estate developer in 2002.  The Stirling Municipal authorities did nothing to prevent it, or to condemn this heinous crime.


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